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Our PowerfulIngredients

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
This popular home remedy made from fermented apples and water is known to help with a wide range of health issues. Unpasteurized, unfiltered, organic, raw ACV can increase energy, regulate blood sugar, relieve acid reflux (yes! Acid reflux is often caused by too little stomach acid!), lower blood sugar, improve symptoms of diabetes, benefit the gut (contains prebiotics & probiotics from the “mother”), and aid digestion. Raw apple cider vinegar is my favorite solvent for extracting flavor and medicine from roots, fruits, veggies, mushrooms, and herbs.

angelica root
This extremely bitter root can help restore digestive wellness by aiding in absorption, elimination, and proper gastrointestinal secretions.

artichoke leaf
These bitter medicinal leaves are rich in cynarine, a chemical that assists and supports the liver. Bitters like this are super helpful for sluggish digestion and poor absorption of nutrients. Artichoke works in synergy with other digestive and liver tonic herbs like dandelion, yellow dock, and burdock (per Rosemary Gladstar) which is why you see all these ingredients, and much more, combined in The Digest blend.

This adaptogenic herb increases the body’s overall ability to adapt and resist stress. Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that has been used for over 3000 years to increase memory, facilitate learning, and reduce stress & anxiety (studies show that it reduces and balances cortisol levels). It is a reproductive tonic, known to restore sexual energy/chi/prana. Its adaptogenic qualities are both soothing and energizing, depending on what the body needs. I personally take it morning and night, daily.

This ancient healing root enhances the body’s entire ecosystem! It assists in warding off infection and is one of the best immunity builders because it acts as a protective shield and defender for your immune system by helping specific immune cells function. Astragalus is an adaptogenic legume that has deep roots in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for thousands of years. It has antiviral properties, is high in antioxidants, and is commonly used to treat short-term infections like cold and flu & long-term infections that can linger from Epstein-bar virus and long-haul covid syndrome.

This lovely root veggie can boost energy, support the liver, and assist digestive processes.

Black peppercorns
This common spice has antioxidants galore, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help with digestive issues. The piperine in black pepper enhances absorption of the curcumin in turmeric by up to 2000%, increasing bioavailability in the body.

blue vervain
This graceful blue flowering medicinal plant is known to release tension and constrained energy throughout the body.

Bacopa Monnieri/Brahmi
This ancient Ayurvedic herbal remedy is known to prevent anxiety and help reduce stress. It contains powerful antioxidants, can reduce inflammation, and has been used to improve and strengthen brain function and memory. Brahmi is considered an adaptogenic herb and definitely lives up to its name.

Burdock root
This superior tonic root is often used specifically for liver health and detoxification. It is one of the best herbs for skin health and can be helpful for eczema, psoriasis, acne, and many other skin imbalances. It is an excellent blood purifier, a lymphatic decongestant, promotes kidney function, it is alkalizing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, a good digestive aid and expels acid from the body.

cacao nibs
These crumbled bits of dried and fermented cocoa beans are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. We roast them to bring out their divine rich chocolate flavor.

cayenne, Jalapeno, habanero,  peppers
Capsaicin stimulates your body’s natural defense system! We use cayenne, and other hot peppers, because they have antiseptic properties, are warming from the inside out, stimulate the digestive system and circulatory systems, are good for the heart, they're carminatives (relieve flatulence), and they can help with constipation and congestion.

This bitter flowering plant in the gentian family can aid digestion by helping the body secrete gastric juices and enzymes.

Chaga mushroom
This parasitic fungal mycelium isn't the prettiest, but it sure is beautiful what it can offer us. Chaga is a black mass that usually grows on birch trees. People have been using it for hundreds of years to boost immunity and support overall health. Some medicinal uses for chaga are as follows; antimicrobial and antiviral activity, balances blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, stimulates immune system, and has adaptogenic effects.

A gentile herb used to treat nervous stress.

chicory root
This woody herbaceous plant of the dandelion family has a ton of prebiotic fiber which can support and improved gut health.

Cinnamon chips
This medicinal bark is fragrant and delicious! Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a warming digestive aid. It has both antiseptic and antiviral properties, making it a wonderful infection fighter! We use Red Ape cinnamon that is sustainably harvested, sun dried and "slowly ground to sweet fragrant perfection".

cramp bark
My go-to for all things tummy ache! The bark from this large deciduous shrub is a superior remedy for menstrual cramps because it is remarkably effective at relaxing the uterine muscles. I chose to use cramp bark in The Digest because of its ability to relax muscles and help ease stomach pain.

A prized digestive bitter, this common “weed” supports bile flow and healthy digestion. Dandelion also promotes liver health & function, heart health, is a master detoxifier, has antimicrobial properties and is rich in antioxidants.

This potent immune system enhancer is very well studied and incredibly effective. The roots of this beautiful purple coneflower boost macrophage T-cell activity, therefore enhancing the body’s defense against colds, flus, and other illnesses. Echinacea is both a preventative and curative, known to purify blood, reduce inflammation, stimulate digestion, and increase white blood cells. Using the whole plant can increase these benefits. The Lungs and The Fighter both contain echinacea root and the flower.

Ancient evidence of elderberry seeds suggests that this medicinal plant has been cultivated as early as 2000 B.C.E. These bitty berries are packed with loads of antioxidants and vitamin C, they can shorten duration and lessen severity of colds, flu, and upper respiratory symptoms, they are known to induce sweating & lower fevers, they have immune enhancing properties, can offer sinus infection relief, encourage healthy skin, and can ease allergies.

elecampane root
This medicinal root is one of the stars in The Lungs blend, and its flavor stands out! A beautiful plant from the sunflower family, elecampane is an expectorant and a stimulating tonic herb. It is often used for coughs, bronchitis, asthma, and chronic lung ailments.

eleuthero root
This versatile root is a powerful adaptogen. It can protect from the effects of stress while simultaneously boosting and supporting energy in the body. The root of this shrub, native to China, offers cognitive support, is an immune system booster, can enhance athletic performance, can increase energy, and improve mental performance & mood. Eleuthero has been used for thousands of years as a healing remedy.

Fo-Ti/He Shou Wu
There are legends surrounding this adaptogenic herb and its ability to offer immortality. Today it is still used in longevity tonics to ward off aging. Fo-ti root can be used to nourish the blood, liver & kidneys, for inflammatory conditions, and to support skin, hair, adrenal gland function, and energy level. This flowering vine, native to China, is often used to support male fertility as well as for women’s reproductive health.

hibiscus flower
High in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, I use this beautiful tropical flower for its lovely flavor and ruby color

Holy Basil/Tulsi
This delightful aromatic perennial, native to India, is a delicious adaptogenic herb known to support the nervous system and to reduce stress and anxiety.

This every day seasoning is one of the oldest remedies known to humans. Garlic is commonly used for its antiseptic properties, to stimulate the immune system, expel intestinal worms, reduce blood pressure, and combat colds & flu. This potent medicinal bulb is an antioxidant, an antiviral, and a good detoxifier for the body because it is high in sulfur compounds.

Ginger contains many bioactive components such as gingerol. Gingerol has powerful medicinal properties which can improve circulation, remedy cramps, reduce nausea, open pores, promote sweating, improve digestion, expel toxins, reduce inflammation, help relieve cold & flu symptoms, and relieve muscle pain. This remarkable root is warming and has antibiotic & antiviral properties as well.

Raw Local (to Oregon) honey
This pure, unfiltered, unpasteurized nectar is such a sweet gift from our precious bee buddies. This incredible nutritious liquid gold can provide energy & fuel, boost the immune system, promote healing, has natural antimicrobial & antibiotic properties, relieve allergy symptoms, improves digestive health, is an antioxidant powerhouse, is a natural cure for coughs & colds, promotes restorative sleep, and is pure magic! Raw honey contains bee pollen and propolis which enhances these health benefits.

This pungent nutritional root veggie has been used worldwide for thousands of years. It's a sinus opener, can provide relief from colds & allergies, boost the immune system, stimulate circulation, and improve digestion.

lemon balm
This fragrant member of the mint family calms the nerves and spirit. Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has antiviral and antiseptic properties.

This deliciously fragrant medicinal grass is high in antioxidants, has antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory actions, and promotes healthy digestion.

licorice root
This flowering plant of the bean family is the single most used herb in traditional Chinese medicine. It is highly regarded as a remedy for the respiratory system and used as a soothing demulcent (relieving inflammation or irritation) & anti-inflammatory. Licorice root, an ancient herbal remedy, can be used for bronchial congestion, cough, lung health, and sore throat. This sweet medicinal root is also used for adrenal exhaustion and to heal the digestive tract.

Lobelia is known for benefiting respiratory issues and breathing problems, like asthma and bronchitis. This beautiful flowering plant relaxes the chest and opens constricted bronchial pathways, is a superb expectorant, excellent for dry coughing.

This versatile herb is commonly used for breathing conditions as well as kidney and stomach ailments. You can find it in many cough medicines for its ability to reduce irritation, respiratory issues, and much more. I chose to use lungwort because it can clear airways, expel mucus, and for its anti-inflammatory effects.

marshmallow root
Good for diarrhea, constipation, sore throats, and bronchial inflammation. I chose this soothing mucilaginous root for The Digest because of its ability to help repair the gut lining.

Mucuna Pruriens/Dopa Bean
This tropical legume native to Africa and Asia is an adaptogen used in Ayurvedic medicine that is known to lower stress, improve focus, boost libido, lower anxiety, and improve mood. This magic velvet bean contains high levels of L-dopa, a precursor to dopamine.

This weedy and widely available herb is one of the best medicinal herbs for lung health, and has been used for centuries. Mullein has been shown to help open lungs, soothe irritation & dryness, help with bronchial congestion, and ease colds & coughs. This fuzzy-leaved plant is also known for its antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. I use A LOT of mullein in this blend.

These delicious nutritious plants are a powerhouse of vitamins and proteins. Stinging nettle has been used in herbal medicine since ancient times. It is good for allergies, inflammation, nerves, and supports our thyroid, kidneys, prostate, and scalp. Nettle is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and chromium. Nettles can help reduce inflammation which can benefit digestion. Some classify nettle as an adaptogen and I totally agree!

This common culinary veggie is heart healthy, high in polyphenols, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, high in antioxidants, antiviral, and can benefit digestion.

This flowering plant in the mint family has powerful antibacterial properties, giving your body a boost when fighting infections and viruses. Oregano contains an array of phytonutrients and is loaded with antioxidants.

oregon grape root
Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antiviral, this bitter root increases secretions in the liver and gallbladder, supports the digestive system by stimulating HCL production, and can relieve symptoms of constipation (due to slow liver function), or diarrhea (antibacterial properties). This root is also known to fortify skin tissue and purify blood.

passion flower
This beautiful exotic flower is a calming, relaxing herb. There are about 500 known species of passion flower. Passiflora incarnata has been used in herbal medicine to treat a variety of conditions from insomnia & panic attacks to anxiety & epilepsy. I like to use this trippy fractal flower to ease stress and calm the mind.

reishi mushroom
I rarely make a tonic without Reishi. This versatile, immune boosting medicinal mushroom can help relax the body by supporting our HPA axis (our central stress response system). Reishi is known for its ability to balance the nervous system, our hormones, skin, and adrenals. Reishi really lives up to its name as an adaptogen. The longer you incorporate Reishi into your health routine, the better it works!

Rose hips
This nutritious fruit of the rose flower has loads of vitamin C and creates a little love spell when added to any batch. Rose hips are beneficial for gut flora, can decrease inflammation and are high in antioxidants.

This fragrant shrub, a member of the mint family, is known to improve circulation & memory, support the nervous system, strengthen the heart, improve digestion, and benefit hair & skin.

This common culinary herb has so many uses! It’s a stimulant, a tonic, a carminative, a diaphoretic, a bitter, It’s a heart tonic, and an expectorant.

This flowering plant in the mint family is a versatile nervine can be used for most nervous system disorders.

shatavari root
This adaptogenic root has been used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac. It is widely used as a female reproductive tonic (at any stage) and can help the body and mind withstand stress and calm the nervous system, while simultaneously restoring it. These lovely white tuberous roots are found in large clusters, I love to blend them into my tonics to nourish and restore depleted vitality.

This popular culinary herb supports lung health, is beneficial for coughs, colds, and respiratory issues & breaks up phlegm. Thyme has a long history of medicinal use. It contains a wide variety of minerals, flavonoids, and is high in vitamin C. Thyme also has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic activities.

Turmeric root
A potent anti-inflammatory & antioxidant, turmeric root contains curcumin, a bioactive compound with powerful medicinal properties. Curcumin can lower risk of brain diseases & improve brain function by boosting brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF). This ancient medicinal root is heart healthy and beneficial for longevity as well. Coupling with black pepper enhances absorption so we always add them as a pair.

This patented lipid-based formulation is a delivery system that increases the solubility and bioavailability of the hemp oil. The colloidal delivery system, Vesisorb, optimizes the performance of cannabinoids taking absorption to the next level! Many of the CBD products out there are essentially a gimmick because they are so poorly absorbed by the body (often less than 10% of dosage!). Vesisorb has a 30 yr history of safe effective use, it is safe and clinically proven to do its job. We chose to use a CBD product with Vesisorb because of the validated and supporting science behind it, and because it is extremely important to me to make products with quality ingredients that will provide maximum benefits for your body and mind.

Water-Soluble Broad-Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract
The hemp extract that we add to The Calm blend is amplified with Vesisorb (more info on Vesisorb above) delivering a high absorption rate and an increased effectiveness per dosage. Broad-spectrum CBD contains a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant (CBC, CBN, CBG, terpenes, and so much more) with trace amounts of THC, less than .3%.  These compounds work in synergy (known as the entourage effect) and have been shown to decrease anxiety, pain, inflammation, and seizures. Broad spectrum CBD can also improve mood and sleep. Our bodies are made up of basic systems that manage our essential functions (immune system, circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, etc...). These systems all tie into one and other forming one ecosystem, connected by an intricate web. Many people are unaware that one of our vital systems is the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which regulates key aspects of our biology. Plant based cannabinoids interact with the ECS which is why CBD can enhance immune response, respiration, metabolism, cognition, pain response, sleep cycles, nerves and more.

This beautiful flower is such a powerful healer. Aaah yarrow… an antimicrobial, an infection fighter, it can improve intestinal health, reduce pathogenic bacteria, support blood circulation, normalize body temp during a fever, it can moderate menstruation, support the lymphatic system, induce sweating, purify blood, and it is beneficial for the heart & lungs… This lovely versatile plant has been used for thousands of years and is my favorite flower on earth.

yellow dock root
This alkalizing herb supports the entire digestive system, lymphatic system, and liver. Herbalists reach for this root to treat excessive digestive fire like stomach acid, heartburn, belching, bowel issues and pathologies. Yellow dock is also sometimes used to treat intestinal infections, overactive digestion, excessive appetite, reflux, and fungal infections.

I'm so Happy

“I'm so happy I ran across Wildfire Elixirs after suffering through two difficult winters here in Eugene. Never before have I been able to kick a cold's butt as quickly as I did by taking the Fire Tonic. It was like magic! I'm now making sure I have a supply on hand at all times. Who said there wasn't a cure for the common cold? Well now there is!”

Erin Conway White
To the Rescue!

“Our family suffers from seasonal allergies and spent most of September fighting off back to school germs. Wildfire Elixirs to the rescue! Annie's fire cider & elderberry syrup are beautifully packaged, incredibly delicious & feel like a much needed bit of daily self care during a busy time of the year. We'll be back to stock up on more soon!”

Sarah Maxwell
It's so Amazing
“I can't recommend this stuff enough the entire line it's so amazing. Eugene Oregon last year experienced one of the worst flu season ever and me being a mother of an active two-year-old was ready to expect the worst. While many of my friends and their kids got sick we did not. I attribute all of this 100% to the Wildfire line.”
Adrienne Marie