Wildfire tonic ingredients laying on table

The History ofHow It Started

Inspired by herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, making fire tonic has been my hobby for the last 8 years. Last year, a significant and prolonged crash in my immune system prompted me to get more serious about making and taking my favorite herbal remedy.

Annie pouring ingredients while making a batch of fire tonic

As a mother of two young children, I was completely depleted and over-extended. Stress and fatigue caught up to me in the form of pneumonia and shingles at the same time. My resolve to my illnesses, resulted in a fight for my immune system.

When I was finally well enough, I packed all of my go-to immune boosters into one batch of fire tonic. The Fighter was born. I posted a beautiful picture on Facebook to share with my friends and by the next morning, I was shocked by the number of comments inquiring about my concoction!

Thanks to social media, friends & family, my personal immune booster has blossomed into Wildfire Elixirs. Each small batch of The Fighter we bottle, contains that very same potent blend I made for myself, just one year ago. I’ve taken the Fighter daily since my health crisis and have been healthier than ever before. I maintain a thriving immune system with at least one shot per day. 

Our Current &Future Plans

We are constantly working on new blends. These will be available in small batch releases on the website so keep an eye out for updates! They will go fast! We are so grateful to boost immunity in our community!

I'm so Happy

“I'm so happy I ran across Wildfire Elixirs after suffering through two difficult winters here in Eugene. Never before have I been able to kick a cold's butt as quickly as I did by taking the Fire Tonic. It was like magic! I'm now making sure I have a supply on hand at all times. Who said there wasn't a cure for the common cold? Well now there is!”

Erin Conway White
To the Rescue!

“Our family suffers from seasonal allergies and spent most of September fighting off back to school germs. Wildfire Elixirs to the rescue! Annie's fire cider & elderberry syrup are beautifully packaged, incredibly delicious & feel like a much needed bit of daily self care during a busy time of the year. We'll be back to stock up on more soon!”

Sarah Maxwell
It's so Amazing
“I can't recommend this stuff enough the entire line it's so amazing. Eugene Oregon last year experienced one of the worst flu season ever and me being a mother of an active two-year-old was ready to expect the worst. While many of my friends and their kids got sick we did not. I attribute all of this 100% to the Wildfire line.”
Adrienne Marie
Wildfire tonic ingredients laying on table