The Salt (1oz)

The Fighter

Seasoning Salt

1 Ounce
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This pink himalayan sea salt infused with roots, herbs, fruits, veggies, adaptogens & mushrooms will give any meal a healthy boost! We take the strained solids from a batch of The Fighter fire tonic, dehydrate & grind them down with salt. A tasty way to add some flavor to your life!
The perfect finishing touch to any dish; from vegetables & meat, to avocado toast & a bloody mary garnish, fire salt belongs on your spice rack!
Pink Himalayan salt, raw apple cider vinegar*, onion*, ginger*, garlic*, horseradish root*, turmeric*, cinnamon chips*, rose hips*, burdock root*, elderberries*, black peppercorns*, cayenne pepper*, ashwagandha root*, astragalus root*, reishi mushroom*, yarrow*, echinacea root*, echinacea herb*, lemon juice & rind*, grapefruit juice & rind*, chaga mushroom*, rosemary*, thyme*, oregano*, jalapeño pepper*, habañero pepper*

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